In the process of conducting any business such results of intellectual labor may arise as intellectual property. It can be musical and literary works, computer programs, inventions, technical solutions, product designs, names and logos of the company.

Legal protection of intellectual property is one of the most important areas of work for J-legal.

The activity of any company in Russia should be legally secure for its owners, but without competent legal support, the prosperity and security of business jeopardized.

Inspite of the fact that in most firms there is a staff member in charge of all things legal, unfortunately, just one specialist is not always able to solve complex legal problems burdened with nuances and specific application of Russian legal norms.

J-Legal professionals are ready to join the process of protecting business rights in court- anytime.

We will defend your interests at all stages of legal proceedings:

Our lawyers will help to develop an optimal legal position, prepare a full package of procedural documents, ensure the implementation of the claim procedure for resolving the dispute and, if necessary, submit a claim to the court where they will exercise competent protection of business rights by representing its interests in all judicial instances, including the subsequent execution of the judgment.

J-Legal team is ready to carry out a comprehensive legal audit of the firm, its representative office, branch or subsidiary operating on the territory of Russia, for compliance with the Russian legislation.

A timely legal audit will find and immediately eliminate already committed violations of the law in order to avoid possible sanctions from the regulatory bodies in the future.