The activity of any company in Russia should be legally secure for its owners, but without competent legal support, the prosperity and security of business jeopardized.

Inspite of the fact that in most firms there is a staff member in charge of all things legal, unfortunately, just one specialist is not always able to solve complex legal problems burdened with nuances and specific application of Russian legal norms.

J-Legal team is ready to improve the quality of legal support not only for the operating company, but also to help with legal work at the stage of business set-up. We offer assistance in registering a company in Russia and further full legal support of the business, in the process of which our team will ensure prompt management of contractual and personnel work, competent execution of claim and litigation activities, including representing the interests of the company in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction.

J-Legal specialists are ready to defend the interests of Russian and foreign companies operating in Russia in the process of inspections and disputes with state authorities (bailiffs, tax and antimonopoly bodies, labor inspection and others). We will promptly appeal against illegal actions of officials, prepare all necessary documents and defend the interests of business.