J-Legal professionals are ready to join the process of protecting business rights in court- anytime.

We will defend your interests at all stages of legal proceedings:

Our lawyers will help to develop an optimal legal position, prepare a full package of procedural documents, ensure the implementation of the claim procedure for resolving the dispute and, if necessary, submit a claim to the court where they will exercise competent protection of business rights by representing its interests in all judicial instances, including the subsequent execution of the judgment.

Our team successfully accompanies property- and corporate dispute-related court proceedings, tax/ labor disputes and processes initiated as a result of violation of rights to intellectual property.

We have extensive experience in out-of-court settlement of economic disputes (disputes over contracts of supply, contract, lease, leasing, commission, transportation, franchising, agency agreements, service agreements) and other disputes (labor and corporate disputes, administrative disputes with state bodies, disputes in connection with intellectual property rights), including participation in negotiations to reach agreement between conflicting parties and bring benefit to your company.