The agreements, the subject of which are relations between surrogate mother and genetic parents, are the most complex multilevel settlements that contain a detailed regulation of the rights and duties of not only physical representatives but also legal entities (medical institutions, intermediary agencies, legal companies).

J-Legal specialists have extensive experience in development of surrogate motherhood agreements that take into account the rights of both genetic parents as well as the legitimate interests of the surrogate mother in accordance with the norms of Russian civil and family law as well as with the requirements of the provisions of private international law.

We have serious competence in preparation of agreements regarding surrogate motherhood services, designed to fit different jurisdictions and parties.

The execution of a will is the aim of the will and its final stage.

It is believed that it is the notaries who execute the wills. However, nowadays, the Institute of Testamentary Execution, which existed in Russia in tsarist times, is slowly coming back to life, which means that when the execution of last will is carried out by professionals realizing the will of the deceased in strict accordance with wishes and conditions detailed in the testament.

Prenuptial agreements have not become commonplace yet, however, every year an increasing number of people who are about to get married, as well as those who have been married for many years, consider signing an agreement in which all property rights of the spouses would be clearly outlined.

Despite the fact that the marriage contract tends to be associated in many cases with divorce and division of property, this type of contract means the openness, precise regulation and orderliness of the relationship between spouses, which, in its turn contributes to preservation of marriage.

J-Legal professionals are ready to join the process of protecting the rights of citizens in court anytime.

We will defend your interests at all stages of the proceedings:

Our lawyers will help to develop optimal legal position, prepare a full package of procedural documents, ensure the implementation of the claim procedure for resolving the dispute and, if necessary, submit a claim to the court where they will carry out competent protection of the citizen's rights by representing his interests in all judicial instances, including the subsequent execution of the judgment.