Prenuptial agreements have not become commonplace yet, however, every year an increasing number of people who are about to get married, as well as those who have been married for many years, consider signing an agreement in which all property rights of the spouses would be clearly outlined.

Despite the fact that the marriage contract tends to be associated in many cases with divorce and division of property, this type of contract means the openness, precise regulation and orderliness of the relationship between spouses, which, in its turn contributes to preservation of marriage.

Thanks to a well-written marriage contract, a lot of potential issues can be avoided in the future, as married couple can agree in advance not only on the rights to jointly acquired property and property that would appear in the family in the future, but also their rights to everything that had been in possession by each of the spouses before the marriage.

Due to individual approach and experience in this area of legislation, J-Legal specialists are ready to develop a unique marriage contract, which will include all possible nuances, including: spouses' rights to property and property interests in case of divorce, legal consequences under investment and loan agreements (mortgage), order distribution of family expenses, rights and duties of spouses for mutual maintenance.