J-Legal professionals are ready to join the process of protecting the rights of citizens in court anytime.

We will defend your interests at all stages of the proceedings:

Our lawyers will help to develop optimal legal position, prepare a full package of procedural documents, ensure the implementation of the claim procedure for resolving the dispute and, if necessary, submit a claim to the court where they will carry out competent protection of the citizen's rights by representing his interests in all judicial instances, including the subsequent execution of the judgment.

Our team successfully accompanies court processes focused on protection of consumer rights, labor disputes, collection of money under a loan agreement, divorce and division of jointly acquired property, collection of alimony, flood, damage to property and other disputes arising in civil proceedings.

We will carry out legal expertise of the documentation, evaluate the prospective of the trial, prepare recommendations for the collection of evidence and documents, clarify the applicable law and the specifics of the legal case, develop, if necessary, agreement with the other party, prepare and file a lawsuit, objections, as well as assist in obtaining the list of execution and forwarding it to the bailiff service.