The execution of a will is the aim of the will and its final stage.

It is believed that it is the notaries who execute the wills. However, nowadays, the Institute of Testamentary Execution, which existed in Russia in tsarist times, is slowly coming back to life, which means that when the execution of last will is carried out by professionals realizing the will of the deceased in strict accordance with wishes and conditions detailed in the testament.

J-Legal has extensive knowledge in developing the most complicated last wills, detailing the rights and obligations of heirs and the conditions under which the latter can enter into their rights (bequeathed).

J-Legal team is ready to act as a professional testamentary executor fulfill the will of the testator, including the execution of the testamentary order, application of necessary measures for transfer of property rights to the heirs, which includes ensuring the safety of the will itself and heir search process, as well as making sure the heirs fulfill the will of the testator.